Download Norton Removal Tool

Norton is one of the best companies which provides amazing antivirus programs. There is no doubt that the software’s help in fighting against viruses but there is one issue which is your PC will star lagging after some time once you are using any Norton Antivirus. If you want to delete any product of Norton or any antivirus of Norton you can use a special tool which is developed by Norton only and helps in removal of all the products of Norton which are installed on your computer. Norton Removal tool is the official Norton removal tool which will remove Norton completely from your system including all the files.

In case you are having an incomplete installation of the software you can use Norton Removal tool to uninstall it and reinstall it later. Norton Removal tool is only compatible with Windows computers so if you are using MAC PC you won’t be able to use this software. If you are thinking to remove Norton antivirus via Add/Remove programs it won’t completely remove all the components of the software so the best option which you are having right now is use Norton Removal Tool.
Before we tell you how you can download and install Norton removal tool let’s have a look at the system requirements of Norton Removal Tool.

System Requirements

1.       Norton Removal Tool is compatible with the following Norton products.
·         Norton AntiVirus 2009 and above
·         Norton Internet Security 2009 and above
·         Norton 360 Version 3.0 and above
·         Norton AntiVirus 2012 Online and above from Deutsche Telekom
·         Norton Internet Security 2012 Online and above from Deutsche Telekom
·         Norton Security Suite Version 6.0 and above from Comcast
·         Norton Business Suite Version 6.0 and above from Comcast
·         Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup
2.       You need working internet connection to use this software. If you are going to use this tool in safe mode you should make sure your PC is in Safe mode with networking enabled. If the Norton product you are using is from Deutsche Telekom or Comcast this software won’t work in Safe mode.
3.       The Norton product which you are using should be at least activate once with a product key.
4.       If you are having multiple user accounts on your computer you need to log in as administrator in order to use this software.

How to download Norton Removal Tool?

Read the guide shared below to download Norton Removal Tool.
1.       Download the software on your computer by clicking on this link.
2.       Once the software has been downloaded, open the file to start installation of the software.
3.       Follow the on-screen instructions and Norton Removal Tool will be installed on your computer.
4.       Reboot your computer and start the software to use Norton Removal tool for uninstallation of the software you want to.

In this way you can uninstall any Norton product from your computer using Norton Removal Tool. If you are having any issues while you are using this tool please clear your doubts using the comments section below.  

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What is dwm.exe?

If you will look into the processes which are running on your computer you will find a lot of them running at all times. One of the processes which you will see running on your computer is dwm.exe. This is one process which takes a lot of memory than what you might have never imagined of. If you are wondering what is dwm.exe and why is taking a lot of memory read the post below which will tell you all the answers related to dwm.exe.

What is dwm.exe

Dwm.exe or commonly known as Desktop Windows Manager is windows manager of your computer which is responsible for all the amazing graphic effects you are having on your computer. The pretty effects which you see on your Windows Vista operating system such as like taskbar thumbnails, transparent Windows, Flip 3D switcher are all because of the dwm.exe.

In Windows Vista all the applications which you are using will write pictures of their windows in a specific place within the memory. After that Windows will create a composite view of all the windows which are present on your screen before it is sent to the monitor. Windows Vista keeps track of all the contents of all the windows and it adds effects when the windows are layered such as transparency or the live thumbnails feature.

The benefit of dwm.exe is the Windows can easily utilize all the hardware acceleration features which are present in your video card to bring smooth animations for resorting and minimizing along with the transparent affects.

Why does it consume so much memory?

If you have ever opened the task bar in your computer you will see all the process listed there. If you will dwm.exe there, you will see that it consumes the maximum memory. When we saw the memory consumed by dwm.exe we founded out that it is taking around 30-50 MB of memory which is quite much as compared to the memory consumed by all other processes.

The amount of memory consumed by dwm.exe is directly proportional to the number of windows you have opened in your computer. Each window you open need a buffer in the memory so that it can easily store all the contents, so if you are having a lot of windows open, dwm.exe will take a lot of your memory.

If you want to reduce the amount of memory here in case of dwm.exe you can use composting windows manager as it consumes relatively small amounts of memory in most of the cases.

Switching to Windows Vista Basic

You might be wondering if you switch to Windows Vista Basic, will you be able to turn off dwm.exe. The answer to this question is no. You won’t be able to turn off this process however it will reduce the memory consumption of the process.

You can easily switch to Windows Vista Basic. To switch to Windows Vista Basic, right click on the desktop and select Personalize. Select Windows Color and Appearance and choose classic appearance properties present at the bottom. Select Windows Vista basic from there and click on Apply button.

This will help you in saving some memory but we would again like to tell you that it won’t stop dwm.exe.

How to turn off dwm.exe?

We don’t recommend you to turn off dwm.exe, but if you still want to disable it you can find out how you can turn it off by reading below.

The best way you can turn off dwm.exe is by stopping the service from using it. Open control Panel to go to Services or go to Start menu and find Desktop Windows Manager Session Manager. Click on Stop button and you will be switched to Windows Vista basic theme.

You can also permanently disable it. If you want to disable it permanently, double click on Item and from Startup Type Choose disabled.

You can also use some commands to stop the services. We have listed the commands below.
Stop Service
net stop uxsms
Start Service
net start uxsms
Disable Service
sc config uxsms start= disabled
Enable Service
sc config uxsms start= auto

 We hope you now know everything about dwm.exe, what it is, how it works and how you can disable it. 
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How to block a number on Android

There are times when you start getting calls from unknown numbers. Sometimes it is simply a wrong number and sometimes it might be on purpose to annoy the caller. If you are receiving a lot of calls from an unknown number and you are using an Android smartphone you can simply block the number. There are several methods using which you can block a number on Android and today we are going to share some of the best methods with you.

Using Native Features

A lot of Android smartphones come with built in call blocking features using which you can easily block the calls on your device.

Blocking all calls

In this section we are going to tell you how you can block all the calls which you are receiving on Samsung Galaxy S5. Galaxy S5 comes with a set of amazing features and one of the features include blocking mode. If you want to block all the incoming calls on your Samsung Galaxy S5 go to Call settings > My Device > Blocking Mode > Disable incoming calls. You can also select some contacts whose calls you want to receive on your Galaxy S5, to do that you can go to Blocking mode > Allowed contacts > and choose the contacts whose exceptions you want to create. This will allow you to receive calls even if you have disabled all the incoming calls.

Blocking specific callers

You can also block specific callers on your Samsung Galaxy S5 and to do so you can simply pull the contact list by simply opening the phone icon present at your home screen. From there on tap three dot menu and open the Settings tab. From there on go to Settings > Call > Call Rejection > Auto Reject List > Create. Once you are here you will see a new Search box where if you add a phone number or name of the person, the contact info will be automatically added to the Auto Reject List.

Using Call Log

If you are in call log of your Android device you can easily disable the incoming calls of specific callers whose calls you don’t want to receive. Choose the number whose calls you don’t want to receive. On the upper right corner, hit three dot button menu and select Add to Reject list. This will disable all the incoming calls from that number.

Using Google Voice

You will find Google Voice feature in most of the Android devices and using this feature you can easily block calls. Using the calling service a component is added to the calling which allows you to easily send messages just like e-mails and blocking all calls from unwanted number.

Blocking calls using Android apps

The features which we have shared above are helpful for people who are having high end devices like Samsung Galaxy S5. You can also use some Android apps which will help you in blocking of calls from unwanted callers. There are many android apps which you can install for blocking number but we have brought two of the best ones.

Mr. Number

Mr. Number is a free Android app which you can try on your Android device for blocking your calls. The app also helps in free messaging between other members who are using this app. Using the app you can easily block specific number or even area codes. The app comes with a spam list which will notify you about the tele callers and spam callers.

Call Control

Call Control is the second app which makes to our list. The app comes with a huge list of spam submitted numbers which will automatically block those number if you are reviving calls from them on your device. The app allows you to decide which calls you want to block and how you want to handle the unknown callers. The app comes with a 14 day free trail which you can use and after that pay $8 for using the app for life time.
These tips will surely help you in blocking a number on your Android device. If you are having any other tip which you would like to share please use the comments section below.

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How to boot in Windows 8 safe mode

All Windows operating systems come with safe mode. Windows safe mode is basically a diagnostic tool using which you can run your Windows with a limited number of drivers. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 also comes with safe mode and you can easily get access to the safe mode in Windows 8. If you are experiencing any errors in your Windows or software it is advised to boot in safe mode in Windows 8. Once you reboot your Windows 8 PC in safe mode you can continue working and troubleshoot all the problems. No extra software is required for safe mode which make troubleshooting fairly simple and easy. The visual graphics in safe mode will look a little bit different as compared to the normal mode in Windows 8 and you will see Safe mode written on four corners of your desktop.
There are different methods using which you can enter in safe mode in Windows 8 and we have shared some of these methods below.

Entering safe mode in Windows 8 and 8.1

The safe mode which is present in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 is not different as compared to the ones which you will find in earlier versions of Windows. For the first method we will use System configuration tool (msconfig.exe) for entering in safe mode.

Using System Configuration tool

Safe Mode, Boot, Windows 8, Start
1.       Go to control panel and then go to System and Security.
2.       Once you are in system and security go to Administrative tools. You will find many options here with one being System configuration shortcut. Tap on it and you will see a new window.
3.       Now go to Boot tab and under Boot options check Safe boot.
4.       Click on Ok and you will be notified to reboot your computer or Exit without restart.
5.       Choose whatever you want to do and on next reboot you will enter in Windows 8 safe mode.

Using Shift + Restart (Command Prompt)

Safe Mode, Boot, Windows 8, Start
This method will work both on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems.
1.       Go to the login screen of your Windows 8 and press the power button. Now press Shift + Restart and Windows will ask you to choose an option from the two available.
2.       Select Troubleshoot and then select Advanced options. Once you are in advanced options tab click on Startup settings.
3.       You will be notified that your device is going to reboot in order to enable Safe mode. Once your computer reboots you will see 9 options in front of you.
4.       If you want to enable Shift mode press F4 key, if you want to enable Safe mode with networking press F5 and if you want to enable Safe mode with command prompt press F6.

Booting from system recovery

Safe Mode, Boot, Windows 8, Start
This method will only work in Windows 8 and not in Windows 8.1.
1.       For this purpose you need to create a system recovery CD or DVD. Once you have successfully create system recovery disc, move to the next step.
2.       Boot using the system recovery disc.
3.       Once you are booted, you will be asked to choose a keyboard layout. If you are having the keyboard layout displayed on your screen which you want to use select it otherwise click on See more keyboard layouts.
4.       You will come across three options on your screen which will be Continue, Troubleshoot and Turn off.
5.       Click on Troubleshoot and then select Advanced options. Once you are in advanced options tab click on Startup settings.
6.       You will be notified that your device is going to reboot in order to enable Safe mode. Once your computer reboots you will see 9 options in front of you.
7.       If you want to enable Shift mode press F4 key, if you want to enable Safe mode with networking press F5 and if you want to enable Safe mode with command prompt press F6.
You would have entered Safe mode by now.
We hope after reading all these methods you can easily enter the safe mode in Windows 8 and 8.1. If you are having any problems while entering in safe mode please clear your doubts using the comments section below.
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What is Virtual Clone Drive?

Virtual Clone Drive is a free application for Windows Operating system using which you can mount disk image on your computer. You can use a disc on your PC virtually without burning it. Using Virtual Clone drive you can mount different disk image types and use it on your PC virtually without even burning it, so your money is not only saved but your time also gets saved. Virtual Clone Drive supports different types of image types like ISO, CCD, BIN. It is very easy to use Virtual clone drive, as the app works just like the way Clone Drive works.

Features of Virtual Clone Drive

Have a look at features of Virtual Clone Drive below.
·         Virtual Clone drive supports all disk formats such as BIN, ISO and CCD.
·         Access to 8 virtual drives at the same time using Virtual Clone Drive.
·         Easy to use software. Double click to mount any image file.
·         Free software and doesn’t even costs a single penny.

System Requirements

Before downloading and installing Virtual Clone Drive on your computer, have a look at system requirements needed for full functioning of the app.
·         IBM computer with 500 Mhz processor (1 Ghz recommended) and minimum 128 MB Ram (256 MB recommended).
·         Windows 2000 or higher.
·         Administrator control if you are using Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

Download Virtual Clone Drive

Virtual Clone Drive is only available for Windows Operating system and by installing Virtual Clone Drive on Windows PC you can easily mount discs. You can download Virtual Clone drive for your Windows Operating system by visiting this link.

How to install Virtual Clone Drive

It is very easy to install Virtual Clone drive. If you have downloaded the setup file of Virtual Clone Drive from the link mentioned above you can install it following the steps mentioned below.
1.       Open the executable file which you downloaded.
2.       When the setup starts you will be asked about Full installation or not. If you want to associate all file types like ccd, iso, dvd, umf, bin you can check them in the installation window and then click on Next button.

3.       The installation will take a couple of minutes to finish and once installation is completed you will see icon of Virtual clone Drive on your desktop. You can access the software from this shortcut.

How to use Virtual Clone Drive

Using Virtual Clone Drive is very easy. You can use virtual clone drive by following the steps mentioned below.
1.       Download or copy the ISO file which you want to run on your computer.
2.       Once you are having the ISO file on your PC, right click on it and go to open with option. Select Virtual clone drive option from there.

3.       Virtual Clone Drive will open and you will see the image as a virtual drive in your Computer.
4.       There is an option in virtual clone drive to run more than one drive, if you want that to do you can go to Settings and select the Number of drives in Virtual Clone drive.

If you want to unmount the image file you mounted, you can right click on the drive icon and then go to Virtual Clone drive > Unmount. The ISO image will be unmounted from your computer.

We hope now you know what Virtual Clone drive is, how you can download it and how you can install it on your PC. If you are having any issues with the software use the comments section to clear all your doubts. 
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Facebook Mobile Login Page

Facebook is one of the best social networking websites of the world. Facebook helps in connecting people across the world, making new connections and getting updated with each bit of information. Previously Facebook was only available for web browsers using which users were able to login in to their profiles and check their daily news feed. Now a day’s smartphones have arrived and smartphones with different operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows Mobile are ruling the world. Facebook app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile operating systems which allow you to use Facebook on your smartphone. Not only you can check your news feed but you can upload photos, check in with your current location, add videos and do lots more with the Facebook mobile app. You can also open Facebook on your mobile phones using Facebook mobile login page. Opening the login page in the browser of your mobile phone will give you access to Facebook and hence you can not only create your Facebook account but also operate it. You can open Facebook mobile login page on any web browser such as Opera, Chrome, Safari etc.

How to open Facebook mobile login page?

It is very easy to open Facebook mobile login page. You simply have to follow the instructions shared below to open Facebook mobile login page.
1.       Open Web browser on your mobile phone.
2.       In the address bar type the following address  and hit Enter.
3.       Hitting enter will open Facebook mobile login page. From here you can create your Facebook account or if you are already having your Facebook account you can simply login using your credentials.

Creating Facebook account using Facebook Login Page

If you are not having a Facebook account you can create one easily using Facebook Login Page. Follow the instructions shared below to create your new Facebook account.
1.       Open Facebook in your browser by going to
2.       Click on Create New account button and you will be redirected to a new web page.
3.       You will be asked few details such as your first name, last name, Date of Birth, email address etc. Enter all the details and make sure you have added correct information.
4.       Once you have added all the information click on Sign Up and your Facebook account will be created.
5.       Open your e-mail address, the one which you used for registering your Facebook account for further instructions and verification.

Logging into Facebook using Facebook Login Page

If you want to log into your Facebook account follow the instructions shared below.
1.       Open Facebook in your browser by going to
2.       Once you have opened the web page, enter your mobile number or e-mail address, the one which you used for registering your account and password and hit Log in. You will log in your Facebook account.
We hope now you can easily use Facebook mobile login page on your mobile phones and use Facebook. 

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Current Version Plugin iTunes Application detector

iTunes if the official device manager for all Apple gadgets. iTunes helps you in organizing data on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or any apple device, backup and restore data and update to the latest operating system. This is the best app manager which you can get for your iPhone. The software allows you to transfer data, music, videos, podcasts, TV shows and lots more. When iTunes was brought in the market, it was only developed for Mac operating systems but seeing great response of people for the app, the developers brought a Windows version too of the software. You can easily synchronize media files between your computer and your iPhone, iPad or iPod using iTunes. To install latest apps and games and purchase movies, TV shows, eBooks you can visit the iTunes App Store which is an inbuilt part of the iTunes application.

Detecting current iTunes version

There is not only one single version of iTunes available to the consumers as new versions of the software come with new features, improvements, so you will find many versions of iTunes. Using a simple Firefox plugin named, iTunes application detector you can find out the version of iTunes application installed on your system.

Features of the plugin

When you are surfing using your Mozilla web browser the plugin communicates with the Apple online servers and iTunes. The current version which you can use on your Firefox web browser is There are many features which are available in the plugin which you can use as per your requirements. You can have a look at some of the features available in the plugin below.

Stopping iTunes Auto Launch

There are times when you are surfing on the internet and you have opened Apple store on your web browser and you see that iTunes has started automatically. Even if you want to download a video from apple store iTunes will start automatically. This is actually a good thing but it might be annoying sometimes as iTunes does not take any permission for getting launched, however you can disable the auto launch of the app by following the steps shared below.
·         Open Mozilla Firefox web browser on your computer.
·         Click on the Tools button on the browser and then go to Options Tab.
·         You will see Action category there. Select Always Ask option and next time you will be prompted by iTunes asking if you want to launch the app or not.

Ping Feature

Ping feature is another amazing feature which you will find in this plugin. Using the ping feature you can follow your friends who are using iTunes and discover what your friends are listening to, what songs are they downloading. This is one of the best features which you will find in this plugin.

How to install iTunes Application Detector

You don’t need to perform any additional tasks to install the iTunes App detector plugin on your system. Simply install iTunes by downloading it from this link. Once you have downloaded the executable file of iTunes, install it following on-screen instructions. Once you have installed iTunes, the iTunes app detector plugin will automatically get installed. Once this plugin is installed you can easily detect apps, movies and even videos present on different websites. You can easily access the apps by opening the apps page using the plugin and then deciding if you want to purchase the app or not. You also don’t need to worry if it’s safe or not as the plugin comes inbuilt with the iTunes application. 
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Current Version Plugin Google update

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you might have already seen a new plugin in the add-ons tab. The latest version of the google update plugin is available to all the Mozilla Firefox users. Stumbling on Mozilla forums you will come across many Mozilla users with surprised reactions to the latest update wondering what is it all about? If you are wondering how you can remove or disable it you can find it out by reading below.

What is Current Version Plugin Google Update?

You might be wondering what is current version plugin google update. Google has launched a brand new plugin which goes by the name of Google update which comes bundled with applications such as Google Chrome and Google earth. The current and latest version of Google update plugin is very important as the integration of the plugin is coupled with the Google software which is being used by many users including you. If you are still using an old and outdated version, new updates will be facilitated with the help of this plugin. Two plugins come under this Google update plugin package which are Google update and Google updater. You will find the update in Google pack and Google Earth.

Working of this plugin

Now you know that this plugin is all about and you might be wondering what does this plugin really does? First of all to get this plugin you can use the toolbar for Google which is available in web browsers such as Google Firefox and Internet Explorer. The primary function of this plugin is to keep all the products of Google up to date. Once you have installed this plugin you need not to wait for updates as you will automatically get notified if there is any update. With the help of this plugin, Google Earth and Google Chrome will automatically install updates on your machine. You will find this plugin working under googleupdate.exe in the taskbar.

Once the plugin is installed and enabled on Firefox, the browser will scan for all the Google products which you are using on your system. The search for outdated products is performed with the help of registry. Once an outdated product is discovered, it is automatically added to the list without informing the user about it.

Should you attempt to remove the plugin?

If you are one of those who don’t want to use Google plugin or are not using it then there is no need of this plugin installed on your system and you can simply remove it. However if you are using one then we suggest you to keep it with you and remain updated with all the latest updates.
You can easily remove the plugin from your Firefox browser by disabling it. To disable Google update plugin simply follow the steps shared below.
·         Go to the address bar of your browser and type about:addons. Hit enter and you will come across all the addons which are installed on your computer.
·         Click on Plugins in the listing menu on the left side and you will see all the plugins installed with one being Google update. Click on the disable button right next to the plugin name and Google update plugin will be disabled from your system.
·         You can also perform registry cleaning by deleting the registry associated with the plugin. You can find the registry here:-

We hope now you know about the Current version Google update plugin, how it works and if you really need it. If you are having any doubts related to the plugin use the comments section below.

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Current version plugin windows presentation foundation

Current Version Plugin Windows Presentation Foundation is a Firefox plugin which is developed by Windows Presentation Foundation. The plugin was recently made live to Windows operating system with the recent update. Windows Presentation Foundation is combined with .Net Framework 3.5. The Windows Presentation Foundation plugin will work with the help of two things which are Firefox web browser and .Net framework. With the help of this plugin you will be able run updated/new multimedia files with the use of direct 3D rendering tools. Using these tools you will be able to get better quality of videos on your PC.

Mozilla firefox, the web browser which is compatible with Windows Presentation Foundation plugin blocked the plugin due to some security reasons some time ago but now the issue has been resolved and things are back to normal.

There are many updates for Windows Presentation foundation not only for old operating systems but also for new operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8. You will find Windows Presentation Foundation by the name of Microsoft Silverlight in Windows 7 and 8.

Current Version Plugin Windows Presentation Foundation Features

Let’s have a look at features of Windows Presentation Foundation.
·         Text
·         Documents
·         Imaging
·         Animation
·         Direct 3D
·         Templates
·         Alternative Input
·         Data Binding
·         Media Services
·         Accessibility

Installing Windows Presentation Foundation

Follow the step by step guide shared below to install Windows Presentation Foundation on your PC.
1.       To install Windows Presentation Foundation on your PC you need to install .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 first. To download .Net Framework you ca visit this link.
2.       Once you have downloaded the software install it. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and you will be able to install Windows Presentation Foundation on PC.
3.       Once you have successfully installed WPF on your PC make sure that you have enabled XBAP applications. If you are not familiar with enabling XBAP applications simply copy the files from Windows Vista or 7 to the plugins folder of Firefox. The file which you need to copy can be obtained from Windows > Framework Folder. Add the support for plugin so that it can work properly.
4.       After you have enabled XBAP applications and added support for plugin simply open Mozilla firefox and open the Plugins menu and activate the plugin.
Now you are having Windows Presentation Foundation plugin installed on your PC. If you are having any problems in installing the plugin, ask your doubts using the comments section below. 

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Download Duolingo for PC - On Windows 7/8, Mac

 Duolingo is one of the most famous apps in google playstore thru which one can learn languages easily. We can easily learn many languages from this application which is one of  the best applications of 2013. This guide will help your download duolingo for pc  and learn all the languages easily. 

Duolingo  Courses helps learning these Languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Irish
  • Danish
  • Hungarian
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Romanian

How to Download & Install Duolingo for PC

  • Download Blustacks for PC and Install it on your PC.
  • Open the downloaded file from the site and open it.
  • Once the installation is completed,Search Duolingo and Install it.
  • You can also get the APK file for duolingo on many apk sharing sites.
  • Now Install Duolingo and start Learning new languages Easily.

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