Current Version Plugin iTunes Application detector

iTunes if the official device manager for all Apple gadgets. iTunes helps you in organizing data on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or any apple device, backup and restore data and update to the latest operating system. This is the best app manager which you can get for your iPhone. The software allows you to transfer data, music, videos, podcasts, TV shows and lots more. When iTunes was brought in the market, it was only developed for Mac operating systems but seeing great response of people for the app, the developers brought a Windows version too of the software. You can easily synchronize media files between your computer and your iPhone, iPad or iPod using iTunes. To install latest apps and games and purchase movies, TV shows, eBooks you can visit the iTunes App Store which is an inbuilt part of the iTunes application.

Detecting current iTunes version

There is not only one single version of iTunes available to the consumers as new versions of the software come with new features, improvements, so you will find many versions of iTunes. Using a simple Firefox plugin named, iTunes application detector you can find out the version of iTunes application installed on your system.

Features of the plugin

When you are surfing using your Mozilla web browser the plugin communicates with the Apple online servers and iTunes. The current version which you can use on your Firefox web browser is There are many features which are available in the plugin which you can use as per your requirements. You can have a look at some of the features available in the plugin below.

Stopping iTunes Auto Launch

There are times when you are surfing on the internet and you have opened Apple store on your web browser and you see that iTunes has started automatically. Even if you want to download a video from apple store iTunes will start automatically. This is actually a good thing but it might be annoying sometimes as iTunes does not take any permission for getting launched, however you can disable the auto launch of the app by following the steps shared below.
·         Open Mozilla Firefox web browser on your computer.
·         Click on the Tools button on the browser and then go to Options Tab.
·         You will see Action category there. Select Always Ask option and next time you will be prompted by iTunes asking if you want to launch the app or not.

Ping Feature

Ping feature is another amazing feature which you will find in this plugin. Using the ping feature you can follow your friends who are using iTunes and discover what your friends are listening to, what songs are they downloading. This is one of the best features which you will find in this plugin.

How to install iTunes Application Detector

You don’t need to perform any additional tasks to install the iTunes App detector plugin on your system. Simply install iTunes by downloading it from this link. Once you have downloaded the executable file of iTunes, install it following on-screen instructions. Once you have installed iTunes, the iTunes app detector plugin will automatically get installed. Once this plugin is installed you can easily detect apps, movies and even videos present on different websites. You can easily access the apps by opening the apps page using the plugin and then deciding if you want to purchase the app or not. You also don’t need to worry if it’s safe or not as the plugin comes inbuilt with the iTunes application. 
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Current Version Plugin Google update

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you might have already seen a new plugin in the add-ons tab. The latest version of the google update plugin is available to all the Mozilla Firefox users. Stumbling on Mozilla forums you will come across many Mozilla users with surprised reactions to the latest update wondering what is it all about? If you are wondering how you can remove or disable it you can find it out by reading below.

What is Current Version Plugin Google Update?

You might be wondering what is current version plugin google update. Google has launched a brand new plugin which goes by the name of Google update which comes bundled with applications such as Google Chrome and Google earth. The current and latest version of Google update plugin is very important as the integration of the plugin is coupled with the Google software which is being used by many users including you. If you are still using an old and outdated version, new updates will be facilitated with the help of this plugin. Two plugins come under this Google update plugin package which are Google update and Google updater. You will find the update in Google pack and Google Earth.

Working of this plugin

Now you know that this plugin is all about and you might be wondering what does this plugin really does? First of all to get this plugin you can use the toolbar for Google which is available in web browsers such as Google Firefox and Internet Explorer. The primary function of this plugin is to keep all the products of Google up to date. Once you have installed this plugin you need not to wait for updates as you will automatically get notified if there is any update. With the help of this plugin, Google Earth and Google Chrome will automatically install updates on your machine. You will find this plugin working under googleupdate.exe in the taskbar.

Once the plugin is installed and enabled on Firefox, the browser will scan for all the Google products which you are using on your system. The search for outdated products is performed with the help of registry. Once an outdated product is discovered, it is automatically added to the list without informing the user about it.

Should you attempt to remove the plugin?

If you are one of those who don’t want to use Google plugin or are not using it then there is no need of this plugin installed on your system and you can simply remove it. However if you are using one then we suggest you to keep it with you and remain updated with all the latest updates.
You can easily remove the plugin from your Firefox browser by disabling it. To disable Google update plugin simply follow the steps shared below.
·         Go to the address bar of your browser and type about:addons. Hit enter and you will come across all the addons which are installed on your computer.
·         Click on Plugins in the listing menu on the left side and you will see all the plugins installed with one being Google update. Click on the disable button right next to the plugin name and Google update plugin will be disabled from your system.
·         You can also perform registry cleaning by deleting the registry associated with the plugin. You can find the registry here:-

We hope now you know about the Current version Google update plugin, how it works and if you really need it. If you are having any doubts related to the plugin use the comments section below.

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Current version plugin windows presentation foundation

Current Version Plugin Windows Presentation Foundation is a Firefox plugin which is developed by Windows Presentation Foundation. The plugin was recently made live to Windows operating system with the recent update. Windows Presentation Foundation is combined with .Net Framework 3.5. The Windows Presentation Foundation plugin will work with the help of two things which are Firefox web browser and .Net framework. With the help of this plugin you will be able run updated/new multimedia files with the use of direct 3D rendering tools. Using these tools you will be able to get better quality of videos on your PC.

Mozilla firefox, the web browser which is compatible with Windows Presentation Foundation plugin blocked the plugin due to some security reasons some time ago but now the issue has been resolved and things are back to normal.

There are many updates for Windows Presentation foundation not only for old operating systems but also for new operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8. You will find Windows Presentation Foundation by the name of Microsoft Silverlight in Windows 7 and 8.

Current Version Plugin Windows Presentation Foundation Features

Let’s have a look at features of Windows Presentation Foundation.
·         Text
·         Documents
·         Imaging
·         Animation
·         Direct 3D
·         Templates
·         Alternative Input
·         Data Binding
·         Media Services
·         Accessibility

Installing Windows Presentation Foundation

Follow the step by step guide shared below to install Windows Presentation Foundation on your PC.
1.       To install Windows Presentation Foundation on your PC you need to install .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 first. To download .Net Framework you ca visit this link.
2.       Once you have downloaded the software install it. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and you will be able to install Windows Presentation Foundation on PC.
3.       Once you have successfully installed WPF on your PC make sure that you have enabled XBAP applications. If you are not familiar with enabling XBAP applications simply copy the files from Windows Vista or 7 to the plugins folder of Firefox. The file which you need to copy can be obtained from Windows > Framework Folder. Add the support for plugin so that it can work properly.
4.       After you have enabled XBAP applications and added support for plugin simply open Mozilla firefox and open the Plugins menu and activate the plugin.
Now you are having Windows Presentation Foundation plugin installed on your PC. If you are having any problems in installing the plugin, ask your doubts using the comments section below. 

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Download Duolingo for PC - On Windows 7/8, Mac

 Duolingo is one of the most famous apps in google playstore thru which one can learn languages easily. We can easily learn many languages from this application which is one of  the best applications of 2013. This guide will help your download duolingo for pc  and learn all the languages easily. 

Duolingo  Courses helps learning these Languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Irish
  • Danish
  • Hungarian
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Romanian

How to Download & Install Duolingo for PC

  • Download Blustacks for PC and Install it on your PC.
  • Open the downloaded file from the site and open it.
  • Once the installation is completed,Search Duolingo and Install it.
  • You can also get the APK file for duolingo on many apk sharing sites.
  • Now Install Duolingo and start Learning new languages Easily.

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Download Snapchat for PC or Laptop – Windows 7/8/xp

Snapchat is one of the latest way of communication with your friends. Geekyfind team has a brought a detailed guide to download snapchat for pc and we can use snapchat on pc easily without a android device. Using this guide we can install snapchat easily on all operating systems including Windows 7,8 and Mac.
Snapchat for android has already been rated 5 stars by 970625 people . This shows that the application is very fun to be used.
If you are having IOS device or are unable to enjoy these android apps you can easily follow the guide to use the application.
Download Wechat for PC
snapchat for pc download

How to Download Snapchat for PC?

1.To start with the download process, download Bluestacks Emulator for Pc. We need a emulator or client to run android apps on pc.
2.Click on the downloaded file and install bluestacks on pc.
3.After the installation, a windows will appear with some Pre-installed applications. Now search the application name on Search box and find Snapchat.
4.The first one to appear in the search is Snapchat . Click over it and download it.
5.Confirm the installation and start using Snapcat.


How to Use Snapchat on PC?

1.Open Snapchat and Select the option sign up .
2.Now add your Credentials and login
3.Now you can snap all your friends using Snapchat.

Happy Snapping !
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Make way to Cheerful Moments with front Flash app for Android

Now, ensure happy and priceless moments by using Front Flash app for Android. Surprised? Read the article for more.
Who can deny the importance of photos? After all, they give a perfect reason to relive some of the priceless as well as coveted moments again. Isn't it? As grown ups, don’t we look at some of the photos of our childhood days and feel nostalgic? Don’t we wear smile on our faces the moment we check albums of our past? Yes, we do. Isn't it? Since, we know that we cannot go back in time, but yes photos give a perfect reason for us to travel back. Therefore, the importance of photos cannot be overlooked or sidelined in any way and you can make them worth more than their value with Front app for Android. Since, it emits sufficient light even in darker surroundings to give a 100% appropriate look to your photos.

After all, don’t we feel sad and disheartened if the photos are not perfect? There are so many factors which come in to play and most important of all is the deficiency of proper light. For example, whether you are in a dark room or you are clicking photos at night. All you possibly get after being clicked is the black screen. This will surely make you angry to the core. Isn't it? After all, you neither want to ruin the occasion, not those moments which are accompanied later on.

Therefore, it is important to know in detail about Front Flash

• You can share through social media sites, you can quickly send as well as post photos to Facebook or other social media sites such as twitter in order to get your friends “like” as well as “comment” on them. Isn't it?

• In order to get the best results, the brightness has to be at its maximum so that some of your coveted moments can even become more priceless like never before.

• You do not have to worry while sending the attached photos through email as you can do the same in a quick manner.

No words can describe the kind of exemplary place which these photos have taken in our lives. If we have a get together amongst family members or friends, don’t we dress up beautifully just to make those memories (photos) worth being cherished in future? Yes, we do. Isn't it? Above all, whenever we feel bored or depressed, we go through such photos in order to refresh and rejuvenate our mind, body and energy. Isn't it?
Therefore, if you have been worrying about the same, then you need to be happy. Since, even in dark places you can ensure some of the most cheerful, happening, charismatic as well as great photos with the help of an app Front Flash. The feature is at par with your phone, which actually has a front camera flash built in the hardware of your phone. Hence, the aforesaid article empowers you to know about the importance of the front flash app for Android. So, use it and experience the difference yourself.
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Top 5 Free File Recovery Programs

This list post describes about 5 best and free file recovery programs which can surely recover your deleted files.

In our daily pc usage we delete many files either normally or accidentally.Once you delete files permanently there is no default way to recover them from hard disk.But you can  recover from hard disk using some powerful software.Actually if you delete files permanently they are not deleted instantly and still alive on hard disk.If you copy large files into hard disk then only previous deleted files removed.Now there are many software available to recover lost partitions and deleted files.

Top 5 Free File Recovery Programs

1. Recuva

Recuva is  a well known free file recovery software which is available for windows users.It effectively recovers all files in your computer like photos,videos,documents and other files etc.It have two types of scanning like normal and deep scanning process to get all delete files.



  • You can scan for deleted files directory wise or choose the partition separately.
  • It shows recovered files in different signals like green,yellow and red.
  • If the recovered files are more then you can use search function to get your desired file.
  • It conducts deep scan to retrieve deleted photos and other files.
  • You can recover deleted emails from outlook mail client and recover files from damaged hard disk also.

2. Freeundelete

Freeundelete is a simple to use software which works efficiently to recover deleted files from your computer after they getting out from the recycle bin.There is no complicated options to retrieve files and normal can also recover deleted files.



  • Simple to use interface with few useful options.
  • Scan any folder or drive to get the recent deleted files
  • It completes the scanning process as early as possible with all recovered files.
  • If you use it with their proper usage techniques you can get good result.
  • Get deleted files after scanning by checking the box front of the item.

3. PhotoRec

Photorec is a powerful command line utility to recover deleted files from damaged and formatted hard disks.It is run from the command line but works effectively while recovering the deleted files.It works with low resources in all computers.



  • The unique feature on this application is it recovers files from any file system even if the file system is severely damaged.
  • It works with almost all media devices like cd,dvd,hard disk,memory cards and camera also.
  • It can recover files from 440 file extensions.So you can get every deleted file.
  • Photorec software works on almost all operating systems like windows,dos,Linux,mac osx etc.

4. Pandora Recovery

Pandora recovery is a powerful recovery tool to recover permanently deleted files with in few minutes.After scanning it opens a file explorer to view the recovery files by sorting name,size and other details.It is the recommended application for every user to recover their lost files.

pandora recovery


  • It not only recovers files but also recovers achieved and encrypted directories also.
  • You can store the recovered files to hard drive,usb drive and other network also
  • It works successfully on windows so it supports NTFS and EFS file systems.
  • It shows the estimated recovery time while on the recovery process.
  • Now it supports FAT formatted drives also,so you can recover files from usb drives also.

5. Test Disk

Another good tool to recover your deleted files from hard disk and usb drive too.It recover files by recovering the lost partition and its table.It also works on all operating systems and support many file systems.



  • It recovers lots of lost file file systems.
  • It fix FAT tables and get back your files from that file system.
  • Recover NTFS and FAT boot sector from its backup
  • It copies the files from deleted FAT,NTFS and other file systems.


Every recovery program works efficiently for recovering all files but if you recover software setup files they may not work better than before.
I hope these top 5 free file recovery programs are useful to every user.If you know any other useful software in this category just add them in the comments.
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Fruit Ninja APK Download for Android

fruit ninja apkI think every one love to eat fruits but who want to cut them and make juice with them.There is a game called fruit ninja apk for android.Here you can get the apk file of it.

Fruit ninja is an action game which takes you into fruit world.The main theme of the game is you need to cut fruits one by one or group of fruits without cutting bombs and without leaving single one every time.If you miss the fruit or cut the bomb one live is waste.There are many levels available to play with your fruits and it is one of the most popular game in all app stores including google play store.So are you ready to play with count less fruits and turn into a ninja.

Before proceeding into download fruit ninja apk for android make sure to the read some features and new changes in the game.

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Features of Fruit Ninja APK:

fruit ninja arcade mode

  • For each game you complete you can earn more weapons and points to customize experience.
  • Use star fruit to take the game to the next level with super powers.
  • Play any game level from three different modes classic,arcade and zen.
  • Actually star fruit is not available for free but you can get from your nearest retail store by sharing your location.
  • Carve,slash and cut the fruits in your way without touching the bombs.

What’s New in Latest Version?

fruit ninja game
  • Two new blades are available which makes you into a fruit ninja.They are rock blade,princess blade.
  • Get free star fruit by sharing your location.
To know more about the game please visit the official website in the below link.

I hope you enjoyed this article download fruit ninja apk for android.Share your thoughts about this game in the comment box.
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How to Get Start Menu Back on Windows 8

get start menu on windows 8This how to article explains about how to get back start menu button on windows 8 in various ways.

If there is any big mistake done by Microsoft that is removing the start button and replace it with start screen.In the earth most of the computer users use windows as their computer default operating system.So every one uses start menu to open new programs and it is the main thing to operate every thing on windows.Microsoft also feels they did big mistake,now they put start button in the next version of windows 8 that is windows 8.1 RTM.It may be released in this October month,this is available as upgradable version to paid windows 8 customers.If you use windows 8 90 days version you can upgrade to windows 8.1 RTM.But you also get back the old start menu.
Here are the methods to get start menu back in windows 8 and these will be replace the gap on windows 8 corner.

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How to Get Start Menu Back on Windows 8?

There is no traditional way to get start menu back in windows 8 but you can get it by installing third party software.There are many software available in the internet to get start menu.Here I reviewed one tool from that bunch of software.You can  try other start menu software also.

1. First download Iobit start menu 8 from the below official website or you can also download it from or

2. Now double click on the downloading set up file to start the installation of the software.

3.Make sure to uncheck the box which tries to install system care on your pc and click on finish button to finish the installation.

uncheck box on start menu 8

4. Now if you see on the bottom left corner of the computer screen you will observe old windows 7 start menu orb.Check by pressing windows button on keyboard you doesn’t get metro screen.

start menu on windows 8

That’s it you done a great job on getting start menu back on windows 8.Check out the features of that start menu 8 and settings.


  • It works perfectly like the old start menu button on windows 7 with the same style of orb.
  • You can change the orb style with different types of icon set available on this application.
  • You can also set your own start button.For this click the below link
  • Easy to use interface and common user can also do modifications on start menu.
  • You can do more modification by changing the settings.
start button styles

I hope you understand the tutorial on how to get start menu back on windows 8.If you face any problems during installation or usage please leave a comment in the comment box.

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GO Locker APK Download for Android

go locker apkHere you know about the features of go locker apk for android and get the download link of apk file.
Go locker is the stylish screen locking application with various styles and lock screens.By using this application you can lock your mobile with stylish themes and you can control call logs,messages and play songs from the lock screen.It is already crossed 50 million downloads and still the count is increases,reviewed by 240000+ users with highest 4.4 star rating.It is the best lock screen application on all android app stores including famous app stores appbrain and google play app store.

Before proceed into download go locker apk for android just read the features and changes in that application.

Also Download Go Weather Ex APK

Features of Go Locker APK:

go locker interface

  • You can access everything from the lock screen by adding them to lock screen.
  • Security protection available on three methods like pin,gesture and pattern
  • Wide range of themes are available with plenty iPhone style,android style,unlocking style
  • You can easily customize lock screen and make it as your personal
  • Display current weather information with live animation effects.

What’s New in Latest Version?

go locker screen
  • Add kill tasks feature in the default theme
  • Fix some minor crash bugs
To Know more about go locker apk just visit their official website.

Visit Developer’s Website

Also Download Clean Master APK
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